Common errors users commit when signing up for BR1M

Since the inception of the amazing scheme of the Government in 2014, a helpful online update system has been introduced. But many people are still not able to avail the benefits of this scheme owing to a few common problems that we attempt to find solutions for through this article. What happens is that the money that is not claimed by the recipient goes to the country’s treasury. This is wasteful as it has to be processed again to be available to the people.

Here are some of the common mistakes made by users who want to claim their cash benefit from this scheme.

Inactive bank account

This is one of the most common errors committed. When a user nominates an account to where cash should be deposited, they have to make sure that the status of the account is ‘running’ i.e. regular transactions have to be carried out on the account. Otherwise it will default to ‘inactive’ status. However, this is dependent on which bank you have your account with. When in this status, your account cannot accept any incoming funds unless you contact the bank and change the br1m online status. It must be noted that just because you are able to log in to the bank account, it does not mean that your account is active.

Bankrupt status

If your bank account shows this status, it means that you are not entitled to carry out any transactions without permission granted by the bank. This is a rare occurrence and does not happen very frequently.

Bank Selection

We have received feedback from users that Maybank is not on the amazing brim selection menu. Actually, Maybank does exist in the list, but users should search for Malayan Banking, which is Maybank’s full, business name. If there was an error in entering data, please make sure to log in and change it before the close date.